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Management Board

Artur Ryglowski

Member of the Management Board, Industrial and Logistics Operations Director

Artur Ryglowski obtained an engineer’s degree and a PhD in Chemical Sciences from the Wroclaw University of Technology. To complement his knowledge gained at the Polish university, he completed postgraduate studies in industrial systems and project management at French universities: Grandes Ecoles in Paris, Lyon and Saint-Etienne. He has more than 20 years’ experience in comprehensive plant and project management, from implementation of technological solutions (ERP SAP) to the optimisation of material flows, notably in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

In 1997-1998, he served as Deputy Manager of the Soaps and Liquids Department at Cussons Polska S.A., which is an international producer and distributor of household chemicals and cosmetics. He was responsible for supervising the soaps and liquids production unit, managing the unit during the flood in 1997 and through the flood recovery. He was also in charge of implementing process improvement measures and ensuring repeatable quality of processes and products.

Subsequently, in 1998-2006, he worked at SANOFI group, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry in Poland, as Deputy Industrial Director. His responsibilities included: managing production and activities designed to support production processes; maintaining contacts with the Paris headquarters; coordinating transfer, investment and continuous improvement actions; managing and leading the projects there were key to the development of the plant and implementing ERP SAP at the plant in Rzeszów.

Between 2003 and 2005, while still working for SANOFI Group, Artur Ryglowski moved to France. He managed a project relating to the production of the company’s top products which generated a turnover in excess of EUR 1 billion. He was also responsible for optimisation measures and the use of resources (production capacity, process efficiency, OEE, labour-intensity, repeatability of processes, product complaint levels).

In the years 2006-2014, Artur Ryglowski was employed at US Pharmacia, which is the market leader in OTC medicines in Poland. He held the roles of Production Director and Plant Director, acted as a Commercial Proxy and then as a Management Board Member. His duties included managing the pharmaceutical plant for solid medicines forms; developing and implementing a long-term strategy for the plant, assessing industrial units in M&A processes, coordinating and delivering key projects (transfers, investments and implementation of new technologies). At US Pharmacia, he was also responsible for implementation of Operational Excellence, namely development of continuous improvement systems. He also developed IT systems, including SAP, as Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee In addition, he coordinated benchmark-based development of processes and organisations (McKinsey Audits, companies from the pharmaceutical industry and others). Furthermore, he would place a strong emphasis in the company on developing leadership skills, building a commitment culture and a friendly employer image.

In the years 2015-2017, he worked for Agila Specialties Polska, a Polish arm of the American MYLAN Group, a global leader in the production of generic medicines. He held the role of General Manager, while acting as an independent Commercial Proxy. He was responsible for managing the pharmaceutical plant of sterile drugs forms.