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Selena Group

Supervisory Board

Krzysztof Domarecki

Chairman of the Board, Member of the Audit Committee

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM S.A. – parent company in the Selena Group. Founder of Selena S.A. manufacturer and exporter of construction chemicals. The first company in the Selena Group was established in 1992 and specialised in the sale of construction chemicals in Poland. Currently, the Selena Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals headquartered in Poland.

Krzysztof Domarecki graduated from the Law Faculty at the Wrocław University; he also studied philosophy. In 1983–1991 he worked at the National Law Department of the Wrocław University, doing research on e.g. constitutional court system and presidential system. In the 1980s he organized student trips to India, exploring at the same time the local culture and customs. 

Around the end of 1980s and beginning of 1990s, with his friends from the Wrocław Technical University, he founded his first company Technimeks, dealing in computers among others. From Technimeks, five companies were established up in 1992. Selena was one of them. Right from the beginning, Krzysztof Domarecki led the company, being in charge of business and product offering development. Selena Group manufactures and distributes modern construction chemicals, including silicone sealants and polyurethane foams for installation of windows and doors, acrylic fillers and adhesives. 

In 1999–2008, Krzysztof Domarecki was Management Board President of Selena Co. S.A.– the company then in charge of Selena international operations. At that time Selena was rapidly expanding into foreign markets, with a focus on building a strong distribution network and promoting its own brands: Tytan and Artelit – to finally reach the global scope of operations. Currently, the Selena Group sells its products in more than 70 countries, also through own trading companies located in 18 countries. The Group comprises 30 companies, including modern production plants in Poland, Brazil, South Korea, China, Romania, Turkey and Spain.

In 2007, Krzysztof Domarecki became Management Board President of Selena F.M., the Group’s holding company which sets the Group strategy, co-ordinates and supervises the operations of individual subsidiaries. Since April 2008, the shares of Selena FM S.A. have been quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since November 2011, he has been the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM SA. In 2013 Selena sales reached over PLN 1,1 bn.

For his activities Krzysztof Domarecki was awarded in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition organised by Ernst & Young in the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category; he also received the title “He who Changes the Polish Industry” from the "New Industry" economic monthly magazine (”Nowy Przemysł”) and the Mayor of Wrocław Prize for “placing Wrocław economy in the global network of relations and for creating a recognizable corporate brand”.

Krzysztof Domarecki’s non-business interests include philosophy, history and globalization theory.