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Selena Group – Polish innovation on the roof of an airport in Brazil


The COOL-R® coating has lowered the outside temperature by more than 50°C

With the help from innovative solutions of Selena Group – one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand – a comprehensive renovation has been made of the 19 km2roof of the Porto Alegre airport in Brazil. Waterproofing problems have been eliminated, and thanks to the innovative coating COOL-R® that combines the cooling and waterproofing function, the roof’s external temperature has been reduced from 86.4°C to 34.5°C. In this way the heat balance of the building has changed favorably, which will translate into changes in electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.
selena com cool-r brazylia 01.jpgThe COOL-R® waterproofing roof coating protects roofs of large commercial buildings, logistics centres and manufacturing plants against excessive absorption of heat from solar radiation. The coating is increasingly used in southern European countries, and due to global warming has a chance to be used almost all over the world. Both solutions generate savings on the cooling and heating energy. COOL-R® is a certified product. It obtained the International Product Declaration (EPD) from the Building Research Institute, and the GREEN CARD from DEKRA, the certification company. In addition, COOL-R® also received Type II declaration in accordance with ISO 14012, which confirms reduction of electricity consumption, and obtained the ITB EKO label.


selena com cool-r brazylia 02 blazek klusek.jpg“Thanks to our innovative solutions, Selena Group is able to address problems and respond to investors' needs not only in terms of technical issues. The added value is environmental protection. During the project in Brazil, we not only coped with roof leaks, but also offered a solution to reduce its temperature. This means an immediate reduction in the electricity consumed by the air conditioning and easier cooling of the building interior. In this case, we can expect savings of up to 20%. With such large areas as the airport building in Porto Alegre this generates significant savings per year. Thanks to the solutions developed by our R&D laboratories, we have been building competitive edge in international markets for several years now. The portfolio of our division also includes foam adhesives that eliminate the consumption of electricity or water on the construction site, a highly insulating mounting foam and the waterproofing and highly reflective COOL-R® coating. Following trends and marketing innovative products co-created with users is an expression of our commitment to sustainable construction and environmental protection. For investors and contractors, this means faster delivery of construction projects and cost savings. The benefit for the planet is lower CO2 emissions and the fight against global warming”, says Błażej Kłusek, Head of the Waterproofing Division in Selena Group.

This is Selena’s another large project of this type – in July 2018, Selena’s COOL-R® covered the roof of Europe’s largest fish market located in Madrid. As part of the renovation of the 33 km2 Mercado Central de Pescados the application of Selena’s solution reduced the temperature inside the building by 7°C. This had a direct impact on lowering the building’s cooling costs and improving the comfort of work in addition to reducing losses of the goods sold.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 3.35.07 PM (1).jpegAlready at the planning stage, each project should consider its long-term impact on the society and the environment. Sustainable construction, including investments in energy efficiency of buildings and thermal insulation processes, is the key to achieving better air quality, lower carbon emissions, and measurable financial savings. Especially now, as we are recovering from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, thermal insulation should be in the focus of attention of responsible business strategies. Such an approach to construction will have a positive impact on the environment, energy consumption, air quality and household budgets in addition to stimulating the creation of new jobs. 

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For several years, Selena Group has been marketing modern construction chemistry solutions which lower CO2 emissions, ensure higher heat insulation and meet the requirements of the EU’s climate policy. The use of these products reduces the noise level and increases protection against high or low temperature in the building, which increases the comfort of the people living or working in it.

When looking for appropriate solutions, both manufacturers of building materials and builders for whom these materials are intended should take into account three aspects:selena com cool-r brazylia 04 labs.jpg
safety – for the people who will live or work in the buildings
natural environment – in terms of direct contact by workers and inhabitants, but in a broader sense – in the context of environmental impact of the materials production process or the construction process, among other things
construction efficiency – understood as the speed of development
The innovative solutions are developed by a team of R&D experts – Selena Labs based in Dzierżoniów.