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Selena Group – “Investor without borders”


Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand – has been awarded with the prestigious title “Investor without borders” (“Inwestor bez granic”). The award was presented during the gala accompanying the 12th European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice.

Inwestor bez granic.jpg“Investor without borders” is an honorary title awarded to outstanding foreign companies operating in Poland, and Polish companies successfully operating abroad. The overarching goal of the competition is to promote exemplary relations between investors, the market and the administration, i.e. relations based on partnership, transparency, trust and responsibility.

“When announcing the ‘Investor without borders’ competition, we thought about promoting examples of the best relations between investors and their economic environment: the capital market, labor market, government administration and natural environment”, Wojciech Kuśpik, president of the PTWP Group and initiator of the European Economic Congress, said during the gala. “We follow objective criteria to select winners. Therefore, we take into account the size of investments made, their impact on the development of the potential and innovation of the Polish economy and their importance for the labor market”, he added.

Selena Group received the award for creating a Polish group that successfully competes in construction chemicals markets with global corporations.

Krzysztof Domarecki, CEO of Selena Group with the with the prestigious title “Investor without borders” (“Inwestor bez granic”)”.jpg“The golden age of globalization is over - not only because of the virus, but because of a host of events happening over the last five years. Selena is a child of globalization. Over the past 20 years, we have seen a great festival of development in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Now we have to learn a completely new reality. It turns out that many of the solutions that we have developed in the last 20 years are now working well. We have to learn new rules of globalization, which will be much tougher. I encourage you to work more closely with the government, no matter how it might change from time to time. Everywhere in the world, business works with government. We will need this cooperation in the new era of globalization because things will become much more difficult”, said Krzysztof Domarecki, CEO of Selena Group.

Selena Group is a group of companies which produce and distribute construction chemicals. The Group operates globally and is based on Polish capital. The Group comprises over 35 Polish and foreign companies, including production plants located on three continents. Selena executes orders in the markets of 100 countries. The Group’s activity covers all stages of product creation: from advanced research to production, distribution, marketing and sales worldwide. At every stage of product development, Selena uses innovative solutions that ensure the maintenance of global standards. At present, Selena Group is one of the four largest producers of polyurethane foams in the world, successfully competing with well-established global corporations in global construction chemicals markets. The Group employs almost 2,000 people in 17 countries.